In May 2012, a group of CANISAR volunteers traveled to Cambodia to provide aid to a country still struggling to rebuild after a genocide more than three decades ago.

The CANISAR team successfully built a dormitory with beds at the Chres Orphanage so the children can have a proper place to sleep.  The team also provided the orphanage with clothing, medical supplies, hygiene products, school supplies and toys.

Aside from the orphanage, the team also focused on the floating villages on Tonle Sap lake where over one million people live on floating rafts.  Due to the massive population and the contaminated water, illnesses leading the death are common.  The team provided one hundred families with water filters and aquatabs which will provide each family with four million litres of clean drinking water over the next seventeen years. 

View the photos from the deployment on our facebook page:

Documentary produced by Brothers on Fire Productions on our work in Cambodia