Paramedics, Firefighters and SAR personnel will be providing extensive refresher training to the firefighters at the Siem Reap International Airport.  These firefighters also respond to emergencies throughout the city and need constant training.

SAR training will also be provided in case of natural disaster in Cambodia or in case the Cambodian government deploys their team to other emergencies in Asia.

The goal is to create an excellent Cambodian SAR team so they can be deployed to assist their neighbours in times of need.

Cambodia will become a “hub” for C.A.N.I.S.A.R’s South East Asia programs.  By taking advantage of our in-country partners’ resources, the team will aim at setting up a field office in the future to oversee distribution of aid and personnel in the region.

Members of O.V.E.R.T/C.A.N.I.S.A.R will be donating Search and Rescue gear alongside Ottawa Fire Department which will be donating Firefighting equipment.