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CANISAR is the International Operational arm of OVERT. In order to be deployed on any of our international programs, members must become volunteers with OVERT first.

Upcoming Orientation Nights

Tuesday March 29th, 2011 - 1900 hrs
Enterprise Airlines, 1190 Keith Ross Crt, Oshawa (Blue Building on the South side of Taunton, just West of the Oshawa Airport)


Operations members form the bulk of any OVERT deployment. Members of this division are the Emergency Response Volunteers (ERV's) deployed during an emergency situation. 

Minimum requirements for operational members are: 

1. 20 Years of age or older
2. Grade 12 or equivalent education 
3. Drivers License (G2 or higher) 
4. Physically Fit 
5. Standard Level First aid and CPR Level C 
6. No criminal record 


Auxiliary unit volunteers provide logistical support during deployments; in addition these members are involved in fundraising and public relations appearances for the team. The personal time requirements to be an Auxiliary are typically lower then joining the team as an ERV.

The minimum requirements are for joining OVERT Auxiliary are as follows: 

18 Years of age or older 
Grade 12 or equivalent education 
Drivers License (G2 or higher) 
Physically Fit 
Standard Level First aid and CPR Level C 
No criminal record 

Board of Directors

Board of Director positions are year appointment positions, elected by team membership at each AGM. Members of the Board of Directors jointly oversee the activities and business operations of the organization. Individuals interested in applying for a position on the Board of Directors are encouraged to contact Human Resources. 

Become a Member of OVERT (Operations or Auxiliary)

To become a volunteer with OVERT you must complete the following process:

1. Attend an orientation night - Dates will be posted and advertised in local media for the next recruiting drive.

2. Interview - following the completion of the orientation session interested persons are invited to sign up for an interview. Only those that are able to meet the new recruit training requirements are encouraged to sign-up for an interview (dates will be provided). When you attend your interview, you shall provide the following:

Copy of your Birth Certificate 
Copy of a Valid Drivers License (front and back) 
Copy of a CPR/First Aid Certificate 
Copy of Grade Twelve Certificate or equivalent 
Copy of Police background check 

3. Following the interview - if you are successful, you will then be contacted by phone 
within 2 weeks and offered a position in the new recruit class. 

4. In-class training - new recruit training is approximately 36 hrs long, and held over two weekends.

5. Field day - following the in-class training, new recruits are required to complete a minimum 12 hour day. 

Auxiliary Members selected during a full recruiting drive will not be required to complete the second weekend of the in-class training or the field day.